Orientasi Profesi Mahasiswa Baru
Orientasi Profesi Mahasiswa Baru
Inugurasi Mahasiswa Baru
Akademi Pariwisata Yogyakarta

Tourism is an industry that will never diminished the demand. Every year the number of tourism actors always experience significant growth. in addition, the number of tourist visits both local and foreign countries which every year is always increasing demand us to be more professional and more competent to answer the wishes of guests will be service oriented to the satisfaction of tourists. it is this that encourages the Tourism Academy to participate and participate in improving the human resources of Tourism, especially in the field of hospitality.

Hospitality is a labor-intensive tourism industry. That is, a hotel requires many employees to to serve guests who visit and stay at the hotel. Starting from preparing rooms, preparing food, to serving the meeting (meeting) and entertainment to the guests who stay. In it also requires expert staff for planning or managerial staff that serves to coordinate, control, and make the right steps and decision making for the hotel can be efficiently and managed in the operational process. Managerial staff is like in the Cost control that serves to control costs and hotel expenses, in the marketing that prepares the right marketing plan, in addition there are also managers who will play a role in making the right decision.

At Pawisata Academy Yogyakarta, you will learn a lot about the World of Hospitality. Start from the practice in terms of hotel operations, up to the knowledge of Managerial will you get here. Our teachers are experienced and have a background from the world of hospitality so that the sciences given will be quite relevant to the work of the graduates. In addition, the activities of lectures held in the Hotel Area is also expected to be able to add student experience to the environmental conditions of the hotel and when it has worked. Yes, we are a Tourism Academy in Yogyakarta that organizes lectures activities in the hotel area so that you will be able to practice at the hotel at the time of lecturing activity.


Since November 2012, Yogyakarta Tourism Academy Management (AKPAR JOGJA) is under the management of Hotel Abadi Group which is a Group Hotel experienced in hospitality management.


  • Being a superior institution, character and entrepreneurial spirit


  • Produce graduates who excel in the field of hospitality and remain Indonesian personality
  • Supporting the development of Yogyakarta as a region that values cultural diversity
  • Conduct education, research and community development professionally
  • Developing students to become professional graduates, personality Indonesia, entrepreneurial and communicative in the field of tourism
  • Address: JL Pasar Kembang No. 49 Yogyakarta
  • Phone: +62 274 511791
  • Email: akparyo.abadigroup@gmail.com
  • Website: www.akparyo.ac.id